Weekend DIY – Dresser into Dining Room Buffet


Original dresser

My husband and I recently decided to sell our somewhat formal dining room set in lieu of going to a more laid back feel in our dining room. We built this awesome harvest table from Colorado beetle kill pine, and bought some fun chairs that gave the room more of the laid back (and slightly retro) feel we wanted. But having sold the whole set, meant that we didn’t have any storage for our entertaining supplies (and my 257 bars of Scentsy wax), so we needed to find a buffet for the dining room.

So, in my typical, too-cheap-to-go-buy-something-new fashion, I found this dresser at a yard sale that was begging for some love. It had gorgeous wood gaining,  some fun details (like the rounded up edge on the top and scalloped front), the drawers were all in working condition, and it had a ton of storage, so I decided to give this baby a makeover and repurpose it as my dining room buffet.

I loved the existing color of the wood and and wanted to show off the pretty grain on the drawers, but the top was in really rough shape. I decided to do a two tone finish; paint the top and sides (where most of the wear was)  and leave the drawers the stained natural wood. I also wanted to put some vintage style brass apothecary handles in lieu of the southwestern style handles that were on it to give it a bit more of a vintage look.


Old handles…. not really my thing.





I bought Americana Decor Chalky Finish paint in  Primitive and the creme wax to put over the finished paint. Since chalk paint has a very flat finish, sealing it with creme wax or polycrylic extends the life of the paint job. Creme wax give a very subtle velvety finish and polycrylic will give furniture a more satin or semi-gloss finish. Polycrylic sealer is more wear resistant (better for high use furniture), but with this not being a daily use piece and wanting a more flat/velvety look, I went with creme wax.

IMG_5759 IMG_5757IMG_5724

I wiped down the dresser with mild soap and water, then finely sanded the top of the dresser (although not required with chalk paint) just to work out a few of the bigger imperfections. I applied 2 coats of the chalky finish paint (which went on like a dream) to the top and sides of the dresser, and also the exposed drawer style and the feet. The paint dries very quickly, so I was able to paint 2 coats in an evening (dry time was about 2 hours in between). I applied a generous coat of the creme wax the next day and buffed it out to make it really smooth and give it a bit more sheen.

I measured the distance of the handle drill holes from the old handles and found some great brass apothecary handles on Etsy (my other happy place) that would be large enough to cover the existing holes. I mounted the new handles, then created some drawer labels which added just the right amount of vintage to this (now) buffet!

The whole project cost me about $70 (including buying the dresser) and took me a weekend (once I had my handles delivered).  It ended up being so much less expensive than buying something similar new or refurbished at a store, and we are super happy with the outcome.

Here is my ‘new’ dining room buffet!




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