DIY: Tea Tray Gets an Upgrade

So I love a good garage sale – it’s my guilty pleasure. Combined with the fact I love projects too, they are the perfect marriage. So, with allllll my free time no free time (because I have this little angel) I rarely get the chance to take on a large make-over project, so afternoon DIY projects are my thing right now.  My neighbor had this simple wood tea tray for sale, so when I saw it, I heard angles singing about the potential for a great little side table. (Lofty goals, I know).

BEFORE       photo 2

I love love love chalk paint for furniture, but having done a few furniture projects with different brands of expensive chalk paint (you know who you are), I decided to embark on creating my own homemade chalk paint because I’m cheap using a recipe I found here. I opted for a Plaster of Paris recipe, mixed with a sample size of Martha Stewart Premium Interior Latex paint in China Green Marble.

china green chalk paint

I wiped down the tray, but other than that, no prep needed. No sanding, no priming or any of that.  This is a good thing in my world. I had 45 minutes of baby nap time to get my paint mixed and the first coat on. The homemade recipe worked great. It covered like I expected and dried super fast. I brush painted the entire tray, even the woven part on the base of the tea-tray. I put a second coat on for an even look and finished it with furniture wax I purchased at the hardware store.

Lastly, I wanted a campaign style look for my shiny “new” side table. Hunting around, I located some simple brass corners online  and waited patiently for them to arrive. I adhered them to the corners (top and bottom) which gave the table just the right amount of sophistication.

All in all – I spent about $20. And, I still have enough Plaster of Paris to last me years of chalk paint creating!

So there you have it! My afternoon DIY project (okay, actually the project spanned 4 days, but only about 3.5 hours of sweat equity)

Enjoy and happy DIY’ing!

IMG_8666IMG_8667  IMG_8675

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3 thoughts on “DIY: Tea Tray Gets an Upgrade

    • It was from a shop called Little Hardware. I’ve also seen the corner bracket/protectors a couple of other places online – Amazon and DLawless Hardware both have them as well. Hope that helps!

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