My (borderline unhealthy) Obsession with HGTV’s Property Brothers

Well, hats off to you HGTV. You’ve finally done it. With all the ho-hum design shows out there, you have finally managed to put together a show that is amazeballs. Property Brothers maybe the good ole buy-a-house-rennovate-a-house show, but with one twist. The guys are identical twin brothers. Sure, the show is a little gimmicky, but hey, who doesn’t like a little predictable transparent plot line once in a while with uncertain yet demanding home buyers? (okay, this is every show). I can marathon these shows in my sweats like its my job!

Canadians Drew and Jonathan Scott are nothing short of design genius and the best thing HGTV has done in a while. Nevermind they are witty, polite, funny, completely charming aaaaaand happen to look like this.


Where else can you find twin brothers that were competitive bag-pipers, stand-up comedians, home renovators at the age of 17, and can also rock an amazing design on a run down dump of a home? It’s addicting… the blue meth of design TV (yeah, there’s a Breaking Bad reference for ya). It’s no wonder that close to 19 million people tuned in last season alone (which is an astronomical number for cable TV).  This year’s season premiere was watched by more than 1.6 million, making it one of the top shows on the network.

The show centers around the idea that people want a Mercedes house for the cost of a Ford (who doesn’t??). Open concept floorplan! High ceilings! Gourmet kitchen! Romantic retreat master bedroom! Spa-mazing bathrooms! Golf course perfect yard! Drew and Jonathan charmingly explain that in order to get all of that, renovating a run down property is about the only to marry their dreams and budget. They then show them “dream” houses, and then reality check them. (Gah! I love that part). Once the buyer feels defeated, yet hopeful, they show them fixer-upers with great potential and a fantastic 3D design plan for the renovation. With a few construction hiccups here and there, the design always comes together in a crescendo of gasping home owners  looking around their newly renovated house with perfectly placed muffins and throw pillows. And of course, the kicker – the dramatic before and after shots. And come on, a good before and after is enough to get my heart racing a little faster.  Even my non-designer husband will sit down and watch this gem of a show with me.

What the Property Brothers do so well is to help buyers see potential beyond the surface ugly. Nothing irks me more than buyers that are willing to walk away from a property because of grandmas floor-to-ceiling, must-be-in-every-room floral wallpaper, or some 80’s-tastic carpeting.  I find myself yelling at these people on TV in hopes they will hear wisdom from my living room.

Although I do take issue with how HGTV gives the general public the image that home renovations are smooth, quick and always on budget, this show actually gives some realistic information for renovation time and cost (if you have contractors doing the work, not DIY). Of course, what we don’t see is the amount of prep, planning, and time that goes into a house renovation before anyone ever gleefully swings a sledgehammer through their newly purchased ugly walls.

All I can say is get on the bandwagon. I know you’ll love it.